(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I see a Log History for my Imaging Database?

If you need to see a Log History of all Actions performed within your database, you can do so by clicking the History Log option under Reporting in your navigation menu:




By default you will then see your database's Log History over the last 90 days for all database users and all Actions:



This grid is divided into four columns, displaying the Date the Action was performed, a Description of the Action, the database user that performed the Action and whether or not Retriever for Imaging was used to perform the Action.

Beneath the grid you'll see a navigation panel that will allow you to move between the pages that make up your Log History for your specified time frame.

To the right of the grid, you'll see your Log History Filters, which will allow you to select a different time frame, specific Actions and specific Users that you want to filter the Log by:


Your time frame options are:

  • last 90 days
  • all dates
  • custom date

Your Actions options are:

  • user login
  • user logout
  • folder added
  • folder deleted
  • folder renamed
  • folder moved
  • folder copied
  • folder linked to CRM contact
  • folder unlinked from CRM contact
  • image added
  • image deleted
  • image renamed
  • image moved 
  • image downloaded
  • institutional index added
  • institutional index deleted
  • index added
  • index deleted
  • library added
  • library deleted
  • library renamed

Note: you can select an individual or multiple Actions by selecting them from this menu, at which point you will see check marks appear next to the Action within the Actions menu. You can deselect an Action by clicking it again. In the example below, we've selected three Actions to filter by:



Your User options are simply your database users.

In our below example, we would be filtering for the three Actions selected above that were performed by database user Les Andrews within the last 90 days:



Note: after making your Filter selections, you'll just need to click the Filter History button above the actual Filters to apply those changes to what you are seeing in the Log History.

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