(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I view a history of Folder Actions?

If you would like to see a log history of Actions performed upon one of the Folders within your Imaging database, you can select this option from the Actions menu for the Folder. In our example below, we'll take a look at a Log History for Client Melissa Crane's top level Folder:



If we click "View details" from the Actions option for the Melissa Crane Folder, we'll then see the below:



Here we'll see the Library in which the Folder resides, when the Folder was created, who created it, number of personal indexes, a direct link to the top level within the Folder and a Recent History of Actions upon the Folder. You'll also see a View Full History button, which will allow you to see the historical record of Actions upon the Folder:


In this particular case, the Full History is similar to the Recent History, but if it's a Folder that you've done a lot of work with the Full History might be much more substantial. Note as well that the Full History contains two additional columns in the grid, User and Retriever?. The User column indicates the database user that performed the Action and the Retriever column indicates whether or not the Action was performed using Retriever for Imaging rather than within the Imaging interface itself.


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