(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I search for Folders or Images within Imaging?

You can search for specific Folders or Images within your Imaging database based upon their Name.  You can access Search using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of your database:



After clicking the Search icon, you'll see the below:



Say you were looking for 529 paperwork for Melissa Crane within your database.  Let's consider two examples of how you might locate this using Search.  In the first, we'll use the Search term "529":



Your results for this might appear as the below:



Since there isn't much data in the demo database we're using here, there are only seven results (2 images and 5 folders) and the Image you're looking for is pretty easy to spot. It's simply a matter of clicking its Name to open up this Image.

If, however, you have thousands of files within your database, it could take much longer to locate this file using "529" as your Search term.  We recommend including at least your Client's last name as part of the File Names for Images you upload within Imaging.  Doing so would allow you to run a Search then just using the Client's last name:



Your results might then look like the below:



Now, let's take a look at all of the components of your Search Results page, in order that you might recognize all the options available to you on this page.

First, let's look at the Search Results grid itself:


We won't go into a lot of detail here about all of your options within this grid (see links directly following), other than to indicate that Search Results are displayed with Images first followed by Folders. You can see in the example above that Images have a different icon than do Folders and that they have data in the Size column.

Links to (or further info on) working with the grid:

  • Delete Selection column
  • Actions column for Images
  • Actions column for Folders
  • Name Column — this column simply displays the Name of the Folder or Image. Clicking a Folder Name will take you inside that Folder. Clicking an Image Name will provide you with the options to open or save the file to your computer.
  • Date Added Column — this displays the Date and Time the Folder or Image was added (or, if it was added within the previous 24 hours, an indicator of how many hours ago it was added).
  • Size Column — this will be blank for Folders but will contain the File Size for Images.

To the right of your Search Results grid, you'll find a Filter Search box:



It will display the parameters that you used to return your Search Results.  So, in the example above, we searched for any Images (of all File Types) or Folders that contained the word "Crane" in their Name. You can refine your search from this box by adjusting your parameters. So, if you wanted to find Images only (no Folders) that contained the word "Crane" in their Name, and you only wanted Images that were .png files, you would set that up in the Filter Search box as in the example below:



That's all there is to Searching your Folders and Images within Redtail Imaging, but we'll be glad to offer further assistance should you have any questions.



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