(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I move folders in Imaging to another location within Imaging?

At times you may need to move a folder, along with its sub-folders and all images, to a different area within your Imaging database. The process for doing so is straightforward.

First, navigate within Imaging to the Library where the the top-level Folder you need to move currently resides.  This may require that you click top-level folders and drill down to sub-folders until you locate the Folder. Note: if you're unsure where to find the Folder, you can use the Search option in the top right-hand corner of your database to locate it.

As an example, let's say that we want to move the top-level folder for Leonard Downy from our Client Library to a folder named Clients within a User Library named Paul Cantrell. First, we would go to our Client Library:



Next, we would click the down arrow in the Actions column next to Leonard Downy's Folder and select "Move folder":



We'd then see the below:

The top level Folder for Leonard Downy is currently in the Client Library.  When you select Move Folder your Select New Location options are those within the same Library.  If, however, you want to move the Folder to a different Library, you can select that under Target Library Name:



If you select a different Target Library, you'll see that your "Select New Location" options on the right change to reflect the ROOT folder structure of your new Target Library:



Once you've selected the Library, you can then choose to move your Folder to the top level of that Library (by selecting that on the right - it will be the ROOT folder) or you can select another Folder or sub-folder within that Library.  In this case, we want to move Leonard Downy's top-level Folder to the Clients Folder within the User Library named Paul Cantrell.  So, note that we've selected that Location below:




Once you've made your selection, click Move Folder, at which point you'll see the below:

Just type "move" in the box and then click Move.  The folder and all of its contents will be moved to the new location you selected. You'll be returned to the Library from which you moved the Folder and should see that it no longer resides in its previous location. If we go, however, to the Library and Folder where we chose to move Leonard Downy's top-level Folder, we'll see that it now resides in its new home:



Were we to click on the Leonard Downy Folder, we'd also find any sub-folder or Images associated with the Folder have been moved as well.

Note: the process for moving Images to a new location is exactly the same as the process described above.

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