(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I add my own Libraries to Redtail IMAGING?

Redtail Imaging by default has three Libraries: Client, Corporate and Unfiled. You can read more about the Imaging Libraries here.

You do have the ability to create your own Libraries, however, that function in the exact same fashion as the default Libraries. To do so, simply click Libraries from your navigation menu and then select Add under User Library Actions:



You'd then see the below:



To add a new Library, just type in your desired name for that Library and click Add Library:



After doing so, you'll then be taken to your new (empty) Library, and will see a notification at the top indicating the Action you just performed:


Note the two icons above your grid for this Library on the right-hand side:


The one on the right is your "Actions for this folder" menu.   If you click this icon, you'll see the below options:



We cover each of these options elsewhere, but just be aware that when you select one of these options, you will adding a new folder to, uploading an image to or scanning an image to the level of the Library you are viewing when you select the option, i.e., if you were three sub-folders deep within a Library when selecting one of these options your action would occur within that sub-folder.

The icon on the left, however, is unique to User Libraries that have been created within your Imaging database. This is the "Actions for this user library" icon, and clicking it will present you with the below options:



Click "Rename library" to assign the User Library a new name. Click "Delete library" and you can delete the User Library after typing the word "delete" and confirming that you want to delete (this is an added precaution, as deleting a User Library also deletes any Folders or Images that reside within that User Library).

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