(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I scan an Image into Redtail Imaging?

You have two options in terms of scanning Images into Redtail Imaging.

First, you can scan directly to the current level of whatever Library that you happen to be viewing.

Let's say that you're at the ROOT level of your Corporate Library and want to scan a file directly to that top level:


You should note the the Options drop down menu directly above your Library on the right-hand side.  If you click that menu, you'll see the below:



To upload your Image to the ROOT folder, just click "Scan image" here. 

We'll go through the process of actually scanning in a moment, but first let's take a look at your second option.  That option is to scan directly into a Folder (from the level of that Folder), rather than using the method above where you are already at the level that you want to scan to. To accomplish this, simply click the Actions menu for the Folder that you want to scan your Image into.  Let's say in this case that we want to scan an image into the top level of the client Folder for Leonard Downy, and we're currently at the top level of Client Folders (containing Leonard Downy's Client Folder):



Click the Actions icon for the Leonard Downy Folder and we'll see the below:




Were we to click the "Scan image" option, we'd then see the below:


Note: If you receive a message similar to the below after clicking "Scan Image", you can see these instructions for adding the necessary plug-in or add-on, if you need them:




Our next step, if we have our Image on our scanner, would be to click "Scan" (Note: you do have ADF, Duplex Mode and Show Scanner Options above your Scan button  as well, should you need them).

After clicking "Scan," you may be prompted to select your scanner source (your source options will be different than those displayed below) — just click your desired Source and click Select:




You should then see a dialog displaying your scan's progress:




After the scan is complete, you'll see the Image along with options to edit it, name it and upload it as a PDF or a TIF file:




After naming your Image, making any necessary edits and choosing your upload type, just click "Upload" to place the Image in your Library.

Those are the basic steps for scanning an Image into Redtail Imaging, but certainly let us know should you require further assistance.


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