(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I upload an Image into Redtail Imaging?

You have two options in terms of Image uploads into Redtail Imaging.

First, you can upload directly at the current level of whatever Library that you happen to be viewing.

Let's say that you're at the ROOT level of your Corporate Library and want to upload a file directly to that top level:


You should note the the Options drop down menu directly above your Library on the right-hand side.  If you click that menu, you'll see the below:



To upload your Image to the ROOT folder, just click "Upload image" here.  You'll then see the below:



You can then either drag files into the main window or use the "Select" button to browse for the files on your machine that you want to upload. For our purposes here, I've selected a file (Image) for upload named "primary_addresses.csv":



Once you have all the Images queued that you want to upload, simply click "Upload" and your upload process will begin (you can see the Upload Progress and Size of your upload in those columns, or cancel upload of an individual Image by clicking X in its Action column).  Once complete, your page will refresh, reflecting the upload that you've just performed:


Note: Recently uploaded items will have an * (asterisk) at the end of the row in their Name column.

Your second option is to upload directly into a Folder (from the level of that Folder, rather than using the method above where you are already at the level that you want to upload to. To accomplish this, simply click the Actions menu for the Folder that you want to upload your Image into.  Let's say in this case that we want to upload an image into the Account Paperwork Folder for a client, and we're currently at the level where this folder resides:


Click the Actions icon for the Account Paperwork Folder and we'll see the below:


Were we to click the "Upload image" option, the upload process would be exactly the same as described above.  The only difference would be the end result, in that the Image(s) we upload end up inside the Account Paperwork Folder, rather than at the same level as the Account Paperwork Folder.

Note: the file size limit for images uploaded to Imaging is ~100MB.

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