(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I copy Folders (Folder structures) within Imaging?

At times you may want to Copy a Folder structure (a top level Folder along with its sub-folders, not including any Images) within your Imaging database. The most likely reason for doing so is as a time-saving device. As an example, let's say you've created a Folder structure for one of your clients within Imaging that contains the structure of sub-folders you believe will serve well as a template Folder structure for other clients. You might want to copy that Folder structure in order that you can quickly find it in the future when you add new clients to one of your Imaging Libraries.

Let's take a look at how that might work. As an example, let's say that at the ROOT level of your Client Library, the top level Folders use "Client Last Name, Client First Name" as a naming convention:



Now, let's say that you've been working with client Melissa Crane for some time and have created a Folder structure for her that contains the general structure of sub-folders that you believe will be applicable to your Insurance Clients. So, you want to save (Copy) her Folder structure so that you can use it again and again, without having to recreate it for each new insurance Client you add to your Imaging database.

To accomplish this, just click the Actions icon next to her Folder and select Copy folder:



You'd then see the below:



Note two things in this dialog.  First, note that the Folder structure you will be copying will be blank, meaning none of the Images anywhere within Melissa Crane's Folders will be copied, but rather only the Folders themselves. Next, note that the New name will always be "Copy of 'Current Folder Name'". You can change the New name to whatever you would like it to be (as long as that Name is not already in use at the same level of the Library you're in). In this example, you might want to name the copied Folder structure something like "Folder Structure Template for Insurance Clients":



After typing in your New name, just click Copy. You'll then see this new Folder within the Library you're working:



Going forward, when you add new Insurance Clients to your Imaging database, you can simply follow the instructions above to copy this template Folder, giving it the new Client's Name in the process. Both the "Folder Structure Template for Insurance Clients" and the copy you make of it for your new client will have the same Folder structure as originally copied from the Melissa Crane folder.

Tip: If you have multiple Libraries that you'd like to copy a Folder Structure to, simply make additional copies within the Library you're working, and follow the instructions for moving Folders to move these to other locations.


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