(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) How do I link folders in Imaging to Contact Records in Redtail CRM?

After creating a Folder for a client within Imaging, it is a good practice to link that Folder to your client's record in your CRM in order that you might access their files that have been scanned or uploading into Imaging from their Contact Record in the CRM.

In our example below, we'll be linking the Client Folder for Melissa Crane to her contact record within Redtail CRM.

To establish this link, we'll first click the Actions icon next to her top level Folder within Imaging:



After clicking the Actions icon, we'll see the options above.  We'll then click "Link CRM contact", at which point we'll see the below:



Here we should note that the Folder Name we are linking is displayed, followed by a box where we can begin typing the CRM Contact's name. Once we begin typing the Contact's name, CRM Contacts that match what we have typed will appear for selection. When we see the desired CRM Contact we can select it and then click Link Folder:



We'll then see the icon for our Folder indicating that the CRM Contact is linked:



Note: since there may not always be a one-to-one correspondence between our Linked Folder Names in Imaging and our Linked Contact Names within Redtail CRM, we can always click "Link CRM Contact" under Actions next to a Folder to see which CRM Contact Record it is linked to. If we were to do this for Melissa Crane within Imaging, we'd see the below:


Our example is a one-to-one correspondence between the Names, but, dependent upon how you elect to name and link your Folders, this may not always be the case.

Note: you can unlink a Linked Folder from this same area, using the red X icon next to the contact's name.


Where Will This Linked Folder Show Up in my CRM?

To view a client's Imaging files in your CRM after setting up this link, after going to their client record in the CRM, click Documents from the Contact's menu.

Then, on their Documents page, click Redtail Imaging in the Document Views box.

From there, you can access the Imaging folder and all its subfolders and files from within your CRM (and this area updates in real time along with any changes made within Imaging).



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