(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) Site Navigation in Redtail Imaging

All of your navigation options within Redtail Imaging are accessible from the navigation bar running along the top of each page:



Here we'll take a quick look at each of the options available from this bar:



Clicking either REDTAIL IMAGING or Home will take you to your Imaging home page (which is the top level of the Client Library within your database).



The Libraries menu provides you with quick access to any of your Imaging Libraries (including User Libraries) and also provides you with the option to add a new User Library.



The Indexes menu provides you with quick access to search and manage your Personal Indexes as well as to find those Images that have no associated Indexes. More information on searching and managing is available here. More information on the Add Missing option is here.



The Reporting menu allows you to access a History Log for your database and your available Imaging Reports.



The Tools menu is where you can go to download Retriever for Imaging.


Clicking the above highlighted icon on your navigation bar allows you to see a Recent History (last seven days) of Image and Folder Actions.


You can click the magnifying glass icon to search your Imaging database — details are here.


Clicking your name (Tucker McLaughlin, in the example above), will provide you with the options to switch Imaging Databases (if you have access to multiple Imaging databases) or to log out of your Imaging database.

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