Do Your Best Practices Include Tech Training?


In a recent TECHTALK piece on Investment News' website, Timothy Welsh discussed some of the highlights of the 2013 Investment News Best Practices Awards and Workshop held in late September in Chicago. The event was largely centered on 2013 Investment News "research studies on compensation and staffing as well as on technology usage." The most interesting takeaway for us here at Redtail, as technology providers, is that firms cite "advisor productivity" as their primary reason for adapting technologies and yet many of them neglect to take the necessary steps to train their staffs in order to realize those increased efficiencies.

If you find your office in this position, we want to make sure that you are aware of all the training resources that Redtail makes available for the solutions that we offer. After all, the fact that you've implemented one of our solutions strongly suggests that you were acting on a perceived need to streamline or modernize some aspect of your day-to-day operations.

That said, the below is intended to give you quick access to the training on any of Redtail's solutions that you might need.


Your Redtail Helpdesk is accessible from within your CRM under the Resources menu:


When you select this link, Redtail's Helpdesk will open up in a new tab, so you can easily return to your work within the CRM itself. By default you will land on the Forums tab within the Helpdesk.

Redtail's Helpdesk Forum contains broad Categories, each of which contains specific, detailed topic explorations relating to those Categories. You can use the links below to access those top level Categories:

Training Sessions — within this Category you'll find both upcoming and prerecorded webinars, as well as short video tutorials on a variety of Redtail-related topics.

Using Redtail CRM — detailed write-ups on pretty much everything you need to know in terms of getting the most out of your CRM. For newer users, or for offices that haven't invested much time in training thus far, we particularly recommend checking out the Getting Started Forum within this Category.

Integrations — learn how to get integrations set up with any of our partners where integration is offered.

Using Redtail IMAGING — detailed write-ups on the new version of our IMAGING application. You can find a First Steps Guide for Imaging here.

Using Redtail EMAIL — detailed write-ups on Redtail's Email Archiving and Retention solution, including Frequently Asked Questions.

Redtail MOBILE — detailed write-ups on how to use Redtail CRM's mobile application.

Redtail BLOG — here you'll find Webinar announcements, posts on new integration partners or features, archived Redtail newsletters, Best Practices posts, etc.

Redtail University

Redtail University has been going strong since 2009, and thousands of advisors and their administrative staff have taken advantage of this opportunity to meet and interact with Redtail staff and get hands-on, valuable experience with using the CRM. Here's why we think your attendance at RTU will be beneficial to your office.

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Redtail is currently on and posts updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can follow us on any of these channels you use to see our updates, which cover everything from upcoming webinars to service announcements to other major announcements.

Google Forum

We host a moderated user forum, where you can pose questions to other Redtail users or join in on the conversations that other users have begun. Learn how to sign up for that here.


Free support from Redtail staff is available via both phone and email. Phone numbers and email address are available here. In short, you are not on your own once you become a Redtail subscriber, but instead part of a larger community where our first priority is making your Redtail experience both enjoyable and successful.

Next Steps

If you've been using Redtail for some time, you may already be familiar with most or all of the above resources. But, what about your new hires? Are they just thrown into the deep end or do you have a formalized system of tech training in place? We recommend setting up a contact record for every employee within your office. You can create Checklists or Workflows within Redtail CRM that include the areas of training that you want them to complete as steps within those processes. You can then attach those Checklists or Workflows to their record at the time of their hire (when you are adding their contact record). In this way you can stay on top of making sure that they are learning the pieces of your tech equation that they need in order to perform their jobs effectively. Note: you can create Checklists and Workflows that include your training expectations on the other tech solutions you use as well.



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