Project Tailwag Sneak Peek #6: Activity Enhancements



Today we continue our Sneak Peek Series on Project Tailwag with a look at enhancements we've made to Activities in Redtail CRM. 

These enhancements to Activity Management within Redtail represent two of the most highly requested functionalities that we've received from Redtail users and should greatly simplify your scheduling and management of tasks and meetings.

Before we dive in, let's take a quick look at the Add Activity screen within both the current version of Redtail CRM and Project Tailwag:

Current Redtail CRM:




Project Tailwag:




While the layout and general look is different, most of the fields you'll find in both versions are the same. But, in the Project Tailwag screenshot, note the two highlighted areas. We'll consider each of them in turn.

First, let's look at the Attendees area. What this will allow you to do is to assign an Activity to more than one database user, either during creation of the Activity or when editing it at a later time. When you click the Add Attendees button within this area, you will see the below:



We'll get to the "Guest" option in a moment. If you select User here, you'd then see the below Add Attendee box:




The menu in the Add Attendee box lists all of your database users, and you can add each of them in turn until you've assigned the Activity to all of your desired database users. If we added three database users to this Activity, the Attendees area would appear as below:




It will then show up on each of their Redtail Calendars, with the number of Linked Attendees displayed in parenthesis after the Subject of the Activity. In the example below, database user Mike Schmidt is logged into his database, looking at the activity we created above:




As you can see, the activity indicates that there are two linked attendees (Mike is not reflected in that number, as he is looking at his own activities). But, when he places his cursor over "2 Linked Attendees", he can quickly see who the other database users are that are also assigned the activity.

As a final note on this, if any of the database users complete the activity, it is marked complete on all Attendees' Calendars (and they each receive an email notification indicating that the activity was completed and by whom).

Let's go back and take a look at what happens if you select "Guest" after clicking "Add Attendees":




This allows you to add as Attendees individuals who are not database users. This can be useful when you have outside guests who are attending a meeting. Obviously, you can't assign the Activity to them, but you can include them as Attendees in order to keep track of who will be present. After clicking "Guest", you'd see the below:



In this instance, I've already entered the guest's Name and Email Address. After clicking Add Attendee, the Attendees area for the activity we've been working with looks like the below:




Now, let's take a look at the second major enhancement to Activities, which was highlighted in the Project Tailwag Add Activity screenshot earlier. The Linked Contacts area is directly beneath the Attendees area when creating or editing an Activity:




In Project Tailwag, Activities can now be linked to more than one contact record. To do so, click the Add Contacts button in this area, link your contact and repeat the process until you've added all of your desired contacts to the Activity. If we added five contacts to the same Activity, this area might appear as the below:




Then, when you view the Activity on your Calendar, you can see all contacts that are linked to the Activity as well:




As with Attendees, when one of these Activities is marked complete, it is completed for all Linked Contacts.

We'll have additional peeks into Project Tailwag for you soon!

In the meantime, you can learn more at the Project Tailwag FAQ page.

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