Project Tailwag Sneak Peek #5: Note Enhancements



Today we continue our Sneak Peek Series on Project Tailwag with a look at enhancements we've made to Notes in Redtail CRM. 

Let's take a quick look at the same Note in both the current version of Redtail CRM and in Project Tailwag:


Current Redtail CRM



Project Tailwag



The first thing you'll probably notice is that Notes in Project Tailwag are much easier to scan for important information. That's because we've introduced a formatting menu when adding Notes that allows you to:

  • choose between Normal text or various header styles
  • Bold, italicize or underline text
  • Include ordered or unordered lists
  • Outdent or indent
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Insert images

While we didn't make use of all of those in the example above, what we did use made the same content much easier to digest. For lengthier Notes, that becomes even more important.

Now, let's take a look at the highlighted area from the Note above. We've added the ability to comment upon Notes within Project Tailwag. The highlighted area above was not a part of the original note, but rather a comment added eight days after the original Note entry. We incorporated this largely because we've seen frequent requests for the ability to edit Notes. While we couldn't make that change for compliance reasons, by introducing the ability to comment upon Notes we've given Redtail users a way to accomplish those edits without altering the original Note in any way.

We'll have additional peeks into Project Tailwag for you soon!

In the meantime, you can learn more at the Project Tailwag FAQ page.

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