Project Tailwag Sneak Peek #4: Opportunity Tracker Enhancements



Today we continue our Sneak Peek Series on Project Tailwag with a look at enhancements we've made to the Opportunity Tracker in Redtail CRM. 

Let's take a quick look at the same Open Opportunities in both the current version of Redtail CRM and in Project Tailwag:


Current Redtail CRM



Project Tailwag



At first glance, you may not see that much different between these two versions of Opportunity Tracker, other than that Project Tailwag looks cleaner than the previous version. Let's dig a little deeper though.

First, the highlighted areas above are both new, allowing you to see at a glance both the most recently added Opportunity to your database as well as the Opportunity next due to close.

Next, if you click on an individual Opportunity, you'll see that we've added two new fields for Opportunities, Projected and Actual Revenue:




Also, if you continue scrolling down on the Opportunity Details page, you'll find that Linked Contacts and Related Notes are now located there (highlighted below), rather than requiring you to go to distinct pages for that information:




In regard to Related Notes for your opportunities, you also now have the ability to copy those Notes during creation to a Contact Record, when applicable.

If you look at the screenshot above, you'll also see that I've pointed out two new features for Opportunities that haven't previously been available.

First, you can now attach Workflows to Opportunities to help manage your pipeline processes.

Next, you now have the ability to attach Documents to Opportunities. While stored in your CRM Document Storage, those documents will be accessible within an Opportunity by clicking the number in the Documents section for an Opportunity ("2", in our example above):



We'll have additional peeks into Project Tailwag for you soon!

In the meantime, you can learn more at the Project Tailwag FAQ page.

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    Nick Garrison

    It would be nice if you would add the contact name field to the opportunity list, so we could quickly see who the opportunity related to

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    Agree with the above comment

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