Project Tailwag Sneak Peek #3: Contact Card Enhancements



Today we continue our Sneak Peek Series on Project Tailwag with a look at enhancements we've made to the Contact Card in Redtail CRM. 

Let's take a quick look at the same client's Contact Card in both the current version of Redtail CRM and in Project Tailwag:


 Current Redtail CRM  

 Project Tailwag

LFCC.jpg     PTWCC.jpg



If you take a look at the Phone Numbers section in these two examples, you'll notice that Project Tailwag has one that is not present in the current version of Redtail CRM:




Note that the phone number highlighted above is for a residence in Aruba. Previous versions of Redtail CRM had no built-in method for recording international phone numbers. Project Tailwag does. When you go to enter a Phone Number for a Contact, you'll now see the below:



If you click the flag icon, you'll see that you have a lengthy list of nations from which to choose and, based upon your selection, the required portion of that nation's phone number will populate your Phone Number box:





Now, let's take another look at those two Contact Cards, this time with several items highlighted:

 Current Redtail CRM  

 Project Tailwag

LFCC.jpg     cchigh.jpg


When adding Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Website Addresses, Physical Addresses or Social Media Addresses to a Contact Card, Project Tailwag allows you, in addition to choosing a Type, to assign a Custom Title to any of these additions. You can see that has been done with the six highlighted pieces of information in the example above. While you can provide descriptions for these individual contact methods in the current version of Redtail, they are hidden and require a click to access. It's now available at a glance.

We'll have additional peeks into Project Tailwag for you soon!

In the meantime, you can learn more at the Project Tailwag FAQ page.

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