Project Tailwag Sneak Peek #1: Responsive Design


Today we begin releasing periodic sneak peeks at what you can expect with Project Tailwag, our next major upgrade to Redtail CRM. We hope that you are becoming as excited as we are about its Fall 2014 release!

One of our primary focuses during development of Project Tailwag has been to ensure that we incorporate responsive design, i.e., that Redtail CRM will work well across mobile platforms, as advisors are so often accessing their data while on the road. You'll be happy to know that when accessing Redtail CRM on your mobile phone or tablet that the interface will self-adjust based upon the size of the screen from which you access it.

As but one example, below is a look at a Contact Record within Project Tailwag on both an iPhone and an iPad.


iPhone View of a Contact Record




iPad View of a Contact Record




Additionally, we've eliminated right-clicks from the interface, which means all of the actions that you have available when in a desktop environment will also be accessible to you when on a mobile device. You can see this highlighted in the iPad screenshot above, where the Actions menu has been tapped next to one of the Contact's Open Activities.

You can expect this type of responsiveness and ease-of-use across all of the platforms you choose to use with Project Tailwag! We'll have additional peeks into Project Tailwag for you soon!

In the meantime, you can learn more at the Project Tailwag FAQ page.

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