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MyIceberg and Redtail announced the availability of our new integration on November 13, 2014, but I wanted to give you a bit more information about MyIceberg and how you can use it in conjunction with Redtail CRM.

I had the pleasure of meeting with MyIceberg founder John Gabos recently and he gave me a thorough overview of the capabilities and benefits of the MyIceberg platform. While I won't go into great detail here, I do want to hit the high points to give you greater understanding of the service.

MyIceberg defines itself as a private platform that aggregates your contacts and content, enabling scalable intimacy. Let's break that down a bit.

  • Private Platform
    John indicated during our conversation that some advisors are averse to tracking all the social data they may have about a particular contact within their CRM, particularly in cases where they may share a CRM solution with multiple advisors. If/when they transition out of their practice, all of the information they have within their personal MyIceberg platform stays with them as they move into different roles such as Charities or community organizations, allowing their continued, effective engagement with their network around what matters to them outside of their portfolio.

    In effect, MyIceberg was designed to protect the privacy of the individual using the platform. While integrating your MyIceberg account with Redtail CRM allows you one-click access to a contact's data that you have within MyIceberg, "all of the information a user imports and creates in their MyIceberg account is private, visible only to the user who has access to that MyIceberg account." While you can create contacts in Redtail from your "Friends" in MyIceberg and send contacts from Redtail to MyIceberg, the social data you track on contacts within MyIceberg is not accessible directly within Redtail CRM, but instead available only to the MyIceberg user when logged into both applications.
  • Contact Aggregation
    MyIceberg makes it easy for you to import your friends from Facebook, LinkedIn, your email application(s) and Redtail CRM into the platform, while also providing a "Verify Friends" function that allows you to merge friends from multiple sources into a single identity.
  • Content Aggregation
    This works on two levels:

    The first is that you can indicate "social keywords" within MyIceberg that you want to receive notification on when those keywords are used by one of your contacts on Facebook. Examples of the type keywords you might use include wedding, birth, help, sorry, etc. What you are looking for here are social keywords that might prompt an organic response on your part, i.e., a natural occasion for reaching out to the contact to offer your congratulations or condolences or offer of assistance. That said, you can monitor the social keywords of your choice. Notifications of the use of these keywords is present within your MyIceberg account itself, but you also receive a daily email of those posts made by your contacts that contain your designated phrases.

    The second component of the content aggregation is available if you also have an Evernote account. It allows you to link your Evernote and MyIceberg accounts so that relevant content (based upon Tags) that you've saved to Evernote will flow into MyIceberg, in turn making sharing that content via email with contacts that you've placed in Categories within MyIceberg quick work. 
  • Scalable intimacy
    This is defined as "an organization or individual's ability to use technology and the vast amounts of personal information available in social media and the web to discover what matters to their clients and prospects and interact with them in a genuine, timely manner in order to deepen those relationships". Putting all of the above together, you can probably see how the integration between Redtail and MyIceberg would allow you to ramp up your client engagement and achieve that "scalable intimacy" more efficiently.

To learn more about MyIceberg, please visit their FAQ. You can also see their Resources page, which is heavy with links to further reading on what you can do over the course of your career in terms of effective networking.

We have posted information here detailing how to send contacts from one application to the other and how to launch MyIceberg from Redtail.

We'll be offering joint webinars on the integration the week of December 8. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter here to receive notification of upcoming webinars as well as other Redtail-related information. Our upcoming webinars are also posted here.

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