Introducing Redtail CRM integration with NaviPlan — Webinar on Tuesday, August 12


You can register for this webinar now here. It will be held on Tuesday, August 12, at 1pm CDT.

During this one-hour event, the following will be covered:

  • Redtail Introduction  —  Mario Canas
  • Introduce Advicent Solutions — who we are, what we sell, why we are different
  • Introduce NaviPlan
    1. Highlight recent enhancements —> Easier to use, new reports, NaviPlan LEADS, renewed focus in independent market
    2. Why NaviPlan is unique
    3. Introducing the Redtail Integration with NaviPlan
      • How it works
      • What data is passed
      • Easy activation and enrollment
  • NaviPlan Product Demonstration
  • Introduce Profiles
    1. Profiles market focus
    2. Why Profiles is unique
    3. Introducing the Redtail integration with Profiles
      • How it works
      • What data is passed
      • Existing User — how to activate
  • How to get more information
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