How do I clone Workflow templates?

Since many Workflow Templates may be similar, you have the ability to clone a template, make slight modifications and create separate templates for similar processes.  NOTE: for information on setting up Workflow Templates initially, see this post. To clone an existing Workflow Template, go to Manage Your Account:


Then, select Workflow Templates in the Manage Templates area:


You'll then see all of the existing Workflow Templates within your CRM.

To clone one of them, simply click the Actions menu to the left of the template name and select "Clone":


You'll then see the template that you've cloned laid out with all of its Steps and Tasks, and the word "Copy" after the template name:


You can click the "edit" button in the Workflow Details area on the left to rename this cloned copy of your template and remove the word "copy", as well as make any other changes to the workflow's Details.

If any of the Steps, Tasks or Outcomes are to be different in any way from the original template, you can go ahead and make those changes from this page as well. When done making any changes, click the green "save workflow template" button to return to your Workflow Templates page.

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