Enhance Your Client Service with Morningstar and Redtail [48:44]


In this recorded webinar from December 2014, we show off the power of Morningstar analytics inside of Redtail CRM. We also offer a sneak peak at the newest evolution of Redtail: Project Tailwag. A PDF highlighting the integration between Morningstar and Redtail can be downloaded at the bottom of this article. Also, we have posted a FAQ section beneath the video here to answer questions submitted during the live webinar.

Find out how Morningstar can help your firm: Call +1 800 886-9324 or Email:

If you are an existing Morningstar user and need support, Morningstar can be reached at 866.215.2503 or

NOTE: You must be a subscriber of either Morningstar Office or Morningstar Advisor Workstation AND converted to Project Tailwag to utilize this integration.



Q: Does Redtail CRM get data directly from Morningstar? 

A: At the initial phase of the integration Morningstar will not be sending client account and asset class details to Redtail CRM. This will be considered during phase 2 of the integration. 


Q: What is the cost to subscribe to Morningstar thru Redtail?

A: There are no pricing incentives to purchase Morningstar through Redtail. We are independent offerings that have partnered to increase efficiency. Please call +1 800 886-9324 or Email: for pricing.


Q: What is the cost for this integration?

A: In order to use the full functionality of the integration between Morningstar and Redtail CRM, you will need to be a subscriber of both Redtail CRM and either Morningstar Advisor Workstation or Morningstar Office. There is NO FEE to use the integration; there is NO FEE to upgrade to the new version of Redtail CRM. 


Q: When do we get the new CRM layout, Project Tailwag?

A: The new CRM interface, Project Tailwag, will be available after Jan 8, 2015. Please look for more updates via email, social media and Redtail's website! The update is optional and you will need to request to be upgraded. Again, there is NO FEE to upgrade to the new version of Redtail CRM.


Q: Is Morningstar Office a replacement for Redtail? If I have Redtail for a CRM, what are the benefits of Morningstar Office?

A: No, Redtail and Morningstar are standalone products. Morningstar Office features robust portfolio management, performance reporting, and advanced research capabilities. Bringing these sophisticated tools into Redtail CRM creates a great deal efficiency in being able to access the latest information on clients’ investments in order to respond to client inquiries quickly, untethered from your desks.  CRM is just one of many components of the Morningstar Office practice and portfolio management systems where CRM is the core of Redtail Technology. 


Q: Can multiple users in the same office upgrade at different times, or does everyone in the same database have to update at the same time?

A: The entire office will be switched at one time. It is global change once you opt to upgrade to Project Tailwag.


Q: Are any elements of Redtail being added to Morningstar Office or Advisor Workstation, or are the changes only inside of Redtail CRM?  

A: The initial phase of the Redtail & Morningstar integration is bringing elements from Morningstar into Redtail CRM. It is possible we will enhance the integration at a later time to include Redtail CRM elements in Morningstar products.


Q: We do net worth statements on Excel for our clients - is there any "hot button" available on the contact card to take us there?

A: Redtail CRM offers 4 types of basic Account Level reports in PDF format: Portfolio Summary, Portfolio Detail, Beneficiary Report, and Portfolio Withdrawals. These are found in the Accounts section of the Contact in Redtail CRM.  However the Morningstar integration allows advisors to receive the latest Morningstar analytics on their clients’ investments in order to respond to client inquiries quickly, right from within Redtail CRM. 


Q: Will my client accounts from Morningstar be integrated into Redtail now?

A: This functionality is not currently available but will be added towards the end of Q1 2015 via an automated account aggregation feed. 


Q: Can the Morningstar/Redtail integration and reports replace an aggregation report like Albridge?

A: No, you will still need Albridge for data aggregation and performance reports. There are no performance reports with the Morningstar integration with Redtail. 


Q: Can you populate the Morningstar reports by Family Portfolio?

A: You can generate the Morningstar reports at the account level or contact level. If there are multiple accounts under the contact, then you can generate a report for this contact. You cannot currently generate a report across multiple contacts.


Q: Can you edit the portfolios in Morningstar?

A: The portfolios within the integration are sent from Redtail and cannot be edited in Morningstar.


Q: Does every user have to have their own Morningstar credentials to view the information in Redtail?

A: This depends on the Morningstar product and firm setup. Please contact your Morningstar representative or call +1 800 886-9324.


Q: What is the difference between Morningstar Advisor Workstation and Morningstar Office?

A: Please call +1 800 886-9324 or Email:   


Q: How do we know if our Morningstar subscription qualifies for this integration?

A: Please call +1 800 886-9324 or Email:


Does something in the video look different than your screen? Redtail's Development team is continually releasing updates to the Tailwag CRM. See this post for the most up to date descriptions of new features and recent issue fixes. For recorded videos that overview CRM system updates, click here


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