Redtail Presents: ActiFi's Asset Accumulation Series

When your primary objective is to increase your assets under management, Redtail and ActiFi's Asset Accumulation Series is here to help you achieve that goal.

These highly effective, structured programs will give you the skills, resources, and support you need to find new clients and increase AUM from existing clients.

Hosted by Redtail and presented by ActiFi, this 7-part series will help you understand how to leverage processes to enhance your business development, efficiency and effectiveness.

Advisors' Questions This Program Answers:

- How do I define my ideal client to provide focus for prospecting activities?

- How can I segment my client base to identify commonalities among best clients and assess profitability?

- How do I develop a sales pipeline to track my business development efforts with prospects?

- How do I grow my business?

- How do I generate more referrals?

- How can I more consistently achieve my business development goals?

- How do I create a prospecting/onboarding process?

- How do I approach someone and interest them in working with me and my business?

- What should I say when people ask me what I do, who I work with?

- How would my clients describe my business?

- Am I referable?

- How do I create a marketing plan and be held accountable for executing it?

- What are strategies to help me maximize my efforts in networking, hosting events, and seeking the right kinds of referrals from clients and centers of influence?

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    Matthew Nelson

    When with the "Creating Pipelines & Opportunity Reports" be available to watch and download slides/

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