Summer Series Recorded Events

For our limited run of Redtail U Summer Series webinars, we ran two sessions, Beginner and Advanced. Over the course of these sessions, we applied a real-world, scenario-based look at how to utilize many aspects of Redtail CRM. The Five scenarios that were run over those two sessions are listed below, and can be viewed in any order. 

Beginner Session:

Scenario 1: Welcome to the Office, Newbie!

In the first scenario covered during our Summer Series, we focus on the very beginning of organization within our CRM. Not with our clients, but with our users. Scenario 1 makes sure to cover the following topics:

  • Creating and Managing of Database Users & Teams
  • Various Database Roles in the CRM
  • Changing your Personal Site Preferences
  • Resources Available to Users


Scenario 2: Into the Fire: Data Entry & Navigation

Our second scenario in the Beginner Session sets us on the road to working with our first contact. This contact is the same one we will be using throughout the rest of the scenarios. We'll be looking at all the pieces of their contact record as well as linking them to spouses and employers. Topics covered include:

  • Adding Individual Contacts
  • The Contact Overview
  • Family vs. Memberships
  • Note Taking
  • The Know Your Client Section
  • Working with the Accounts Section
  • Database Permissions


Scenario 3: Good Data = Clean Data

Taking a break from the real-world scenarios, this one gives us a chance to teach you all about the importance and application of your data. Keeping your data clean and consistent is a key to running an efficient office. Not only do we show you how you can customize your data, but also how to report on it in the future. We cover:

  • Managing Database Lists
  • Segmentation of Contacts with Status, Category, Keywords and UDFs
  • Advanced Searching
  • Quicklists vs. Tag Groups
  • Broadcast Email
  • Searching Tips & Tricks
  • Reporting
  • Custom Exporting


Advanced Session:

Scenario 4: Bringing on a New Client

Starting up the Advanced Sessions, Scenario 4 brings us away from organization and into the word of Automation. We've got all this wonderful data to work with, now it's time to focus on our processes. We can automate simple processes, or more complex ones, all designed to lead us to success. In this session we focus on:

  • Notes & Activities
  • The Calendar
  • Retriever for Desktop
  • Whiteboarding Checklists & Workflows
  • Building Checklists
  • Building and Completing Workflows
  • Setting up Review Reminders & Options


Scenario 5: Get the Word Out!

Wrapping up our Summer Series, we're focusing on marketing in Scenario 5. Utilizing tools such as mail merge, quicklists, and our seminar management, we can plan and execute a client event to help bring on more opportunities. This final scenario covers:

  • Advanced Searching
  • Quicklists
  • Seminar Management
  • Mail Merge
  • Opportunity Tracker


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