Video Tutorials for Leapfrog CRM

This is an excellent place to start when first coming on board with Redtail!

To view these sessions, simply click on the session name you would like to view.  

Getting Started

Getting Started with Redtail 

A quick general overview of getting started with Redtail CRM. (7:21)

Setting Up Your Database

This session is geared toward both those looking to give Redtail CRM a try and toward existing subscribers who are looking to learn the different ways in which they can customize their database. (57:49)

Site Navigation in Redtail CRM

his vid offers a quick walkthrough of how to navigate through your Redtail CRM. (4:49)

Adding and Editing Users

Here you can quickly learn how to add new database users and how to edit their information and set their admin status. (2:38)

Adding a New Contact Record

Ready to begin adding contacts to your database? This vid will show you how. (1:19)

Changing your Site Preferences

Most of the customization work in your CRM can be handled from the Site Preferences area. Take a look here at how to access Site Preferences and make your updates. (6:38)

Editing Database Lists

You can control the options available for your different database lists. This vid covers how to edit these lists. (1:31)

Adding an Activity

Adding an activity to your or another database user’s Calendar is one of the functionalities you are likely to use the most. Learn more about adding activities here. (3:42)

Adding a Phone Number

This is a quick look at adding a Phone Number for a contact. (0:58)

Adding an Address

This is a quick look at adding an Address for a contact. (1:18)

Adding an Internet Address

This is a quick look at adding an email address or web address for a contact. (0:54)

Editing a Contact's Basic Information

This is a quick look at editing the information within a Contact’s Details widget. (1:22)

Editing Contact Details


Using Redtail CRM

Calendar Management

This vid provides a quick overview of working with your Redtail Calendar. (7:35)

Advanced Searching

This vid provides a quick overview of Advanced Search within Redtail. (2:15)

Creating a Quick List

This vid walks you quickly through creating Quicklists within Redtail. (2:20)

Custom Exporting

Redtail provides a way for you to set up your desired fields to be included in an Excel export. This vid will walk you through the process. (2:58)

Adding a Photo to a Contact Record

Want to include a photo for a contact record? Learn how here. (1:12)

Using the Grids in Redtail CRM

Much of your data within Redtail is displayed in grids. Learn how to work with and manipulate the data in these grids here. (2:48)

Attaching a Document

If you want to store contact documents within your CRM, this vid will show you how to upload docs to a contact record. (2:15)

Market News in Redtail CRM

A quick overview of the Market News area available within Redtail CRM. (1:08)

Linking Unlinked Accounts

If you have client accounts feeding over via integration with one of our account aggregation partners, some accounts may not link up automatically to their corresponding client. This vid will show you how to handle linking these accounts up to the appropriate client. (1:48)

Understanding Workflows

This is a short Advanced Study video on understanding the process of building workflows. (9:08)


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