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Using the Redtail Helpdesk

The Redtail Helpdesk offers Redtail subscribers a place both to submit and monitor support requests and to search our Knowledge Base of Help Documentation and Videos. Learn how to use our Helpdesk in this session. (19:12)

Setting Up Your Database

This session is geared toward both those looking to give Redtail CRM a try and toward existing subscribers who are looking to learn the different ways in which they can customize their database. (57:49)

Creating Labels in Redtail CRM

Learn how to create mailing labels for your clients from within Redtail CRM. (3:55)

Categorizing Contacts in Redtail CRM

This session explores the different ways you can categorize your CRM contacts, a process that will both make your contacts more easily searchable and allow you to improve your niche marketing. (22:09)

Family and Membership Management

The relationships between your contacts is very important information to know and track. This session will walk you through how to set up both family and membership relationships within your CRM. (19:16)

Using Checklists in Redtail CRM

Checklists offer you one way to keep track of and assign tasks associated with a particular process within your office. Checklists are used for processes where the steps involved can be worked in any order. Learn how to create and use these in this session. (30:23)

Building and Using Workflows [Webinar 7/2013]

Workflows offer you another method to keep track of and assign tasks associated with a particular process within your office. They differ from Checklists in that the steps involved are contingent upon the completion of the previous step, and also in that steps can have different results thus requiring different steps to be processed next. Learn how to create and use these here. (57:20)

Workflow Webinar Series - Session 1

Part 1 of 3 of a series of webinars on Workflows presented by Redtail and Deborah Fox. This one covers the topic, What is a Workflow System? (38:29)

Workflow Webinar Series - Session 2

Part 2 of 3 of a series of webinars on Workflows presented by Redtail and Deborah Fox. This one covers the topic, Step-by-Step on How to Build a Workflow in Redtail. (37:43)

Workflow Webinar Series - Session 3

Part 3 of 3 of a series of webinars on Workflows presented by Redtail and Deborah Fox. This one covers the topic, How to Use a Workflow System on a Day-to-Day Basis. (47:49)

Updating Your Redtail Billing Information 

This session is a very quick look at how your database owner can quickly update your billing information for Redtail. (1:03) 

Working with Reminders [Webinar 12/2013]

Redtail CRM features a Reminders section on the Dashboard that allows you to easily stay on top of dates important to your contacts. Learn more about how to work with these here. (42:08)

Managing Your Account [Webinar 12/2013]

This session is intended to provide you with an overview of all of the things you can accomplish under the Manage Your Account menu within Redtail CRM, including changing your Site Preferences, customizing your database, uploading mail merge templates, etc. (46:41)

Opportunity Tracker [Webinar 1/2014]

Redtail provides you with the Opportunity Tracker in order that you might track and manage items in your pipeline. This session covers the basics of working with this tool. (28:25)

Keywords vs. UDFs vs. Personal Interests [Webinar 1/2014]

Having trouble deciding when to use which of these fields for tracking client data? Learn Best Practices for usage of each of them in this session.(45:46)

Advanced Searching [Webinar 2/2014]

Search is one of the most common and powerful features within Redtail. Learn in this session how to get the most out Redtail’s search capabilities. (41:43)

Reporting [Webinar 2/2014]

Redtail offers a ton of standard reports as well as the ability to create custom reports with your data. Learn more about Reporting in this session. (41:42)

Seminar Management [Webinar 2/2014]

 One of the advanced tools in Redtail, Seminar Management, get's the spotlight in this recorded webinar. (28:58)

The Importance of Lists and Setting Up Your Database [Webinar 3/2014]

In this session, we discuss some of the aspects and advantages of setting up your Database Lists within your CRM. (38:25)

The Contact Overview [Webinar 3/2014]

This recored webinar goes over all the many different facets of your Contact Overview. (45:54)

Managing Your Site Preferences [Webinar 4/2014]

As a new user, this webinar takes you through all of the tweaks you can make to your preferences inside the CRM. (30:30)

Building and Using Checklists [Webinar 4/2014]

One of the more highly-requested webinars, learn all about Checklists here. (40:57)

All Things Mail Merge! [Webinar 4/2014]

Everything you need to know about creating and uploading merge templates to Redtail CRM as well as running mail merges with individuals or in bulk. (37:50)

Everything About Notes [Webinar 5/2014]

Keeping a comprehensive history of your interactions with clients is one of the primary reasons for having a CRM. Learn everything about Notes and how to use them in Redtail CRM in this webinar. (45:41)

Aggregators and Account Management [Webinar 6/2014]

Whether your accounts are fed over into Redtail from one of our aggregator partners or your office is manually entering account data, we’ll cover everything you need to know in this webinar about account management within Redtail CRM.  (35:16)


Database Maintenance [Webinar 6/2014]

We know that sometimes keeping your data organized can be a pain. Fortunately, this webinar focus on all the ways you can maintain a healthy, clean database. We cover topics from personalization all the way to handling poor data and duplicate records.


User Adoption with Redtail CRM [Webinar 7/2014]

Want to know the secret to adopting new technology in your office? Redtail takes a different approach to webinars this week to break down some of the ways you can better implement technology. (36:01)

Tips and Tricks [Webinar 8/2014]

Looking for shortcuts or easier ways of doing things within your CRM? This session will likely provide you with some new tips to make your life easier. (53:58)

Calendar Management [Webinar 8/2014]

This session provides a detailed look at how you can use the Calendar within Redtail to keep your office running smoothly. (46:44)

Permissions [Webinar 12/2014]

Here we take a look at your ability to segment your book of business from the view of other users with Permissioning! (20:14)

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