Google Apps: Setting up Journaling

Below, you will find steps needed to archive your Google Apps hosted email with Redtail:


Setup an Archive with Redtail on alternate domain. The process for this is outlined here.

After you have been notified that the Redtail-hosted archive has been setup, you will want to take the following steps within the Google Apps Admin Console:


Have the Google Apps administrator log in to their Google Apps account and select Admin at the top of the page. Note: You can see it when accessing your gmail or calendar.


After selecting Admin, select Google Apps, then select Gmail.


Go to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced Settings.


Locate and select the Content Compliance option


Within Content Compliance, you will make the following changes:


Under 1. Email messages to affect, select the check boxes for Inbound, Outbound, Internal - sending and Internal - receiving


Under 2. Add expressions..., select If ANY of the following match the message and then enter in @.


Under 3. If the above expressions match, do the following.., check the box by Also deliver to 'Add more recipients' then enter the following in the Deliver to field: emailarchive@<>


Next, simply save your settings and you're done.

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