Email Quarantine Report Options

Below are some options and information in regard to your Email Quarantine Reports of which you should be aware. If you would like to make any changes to your options, please contact our support team and they will set this in motion for you:

  • Custom Start Times for Reports — you can indicate what time you'd like your Email Quarantine Report run. (If your frequency is set to more than once a day, this time will be the first time in the day that you are setting).
  •  Frequency options include:

o   Once a Day
o   Twice a day
o   Every hour
o   Every 2 hours
o   Every 3 hours
o   Every 4 hours
o   Every 6 hours
o   Every 8 hours


  • Report options are set by Individual Address rather than by Domain.
  • Option to not receive reports with nothing to display, i.e., if there are no emails that have been quarantined for a period, you can elect not to have the Email Quarantine Report delivered via email for that period.
  • Email Quarantine Reports are now enabled by default. if you've never requested a change in regard to the frequency option, these will be delivered once a day at 9 AM EST. For your own email account, you can request changes or disabling. For an address that is not your own or for an entire domain, a security check with your database owner is required.


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