Frequently Asked Questions: Redtail Email Server Upgrade

Will my email settings or password change?

No. Your current email settings and password will be the same after the upgrade.


What will happen to my mail, calendar and contact data on the server?

The data will remain intact during and after the upgrade process. All accounts are being fully backed up prior to the upgrade to ensure that your data is not lost.


What will happen to incoming mail between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm PST?

All email during the scheduled upgrade will be spooled and delivered to your mailbox once the upgrade has been complete.


Am I going to lose my contacts saved on the current webmail?

No. We have created a process that will copy your current Webmail contacts over to the new system. Any contact saved on your Outlook, Eudora, Mac Mail or Thunderbird email clients will stay untouched.

Is the latest version of Webmail compatible with my browser?

Yes. However, some older browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and older might experience issues. The webmail also has a standard(HTML) version for older/slower browsers.

Do I have to change anything on my computer?

No changes are required, but if you are utilizing the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO), we suggest upgrading to the most recent version. For information on this process, click here.


What are the changes that we can expect with the newest version of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite?

For a detailed list of feature enhancements and interface changes, click here.

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