How do I disable a Redtail-hosted email account?

To disable email access to a Redtail Hosted Email account, the Redtail account holder would need to contact Redtail Support to request access to the account(s) be disabled. There are a few options on how to handle disabling email access. Those options are listed below:

Option 1: You can request to delete the mailbox and add the address as an alias to another existing account. This would deliver any email correspondence sent to the deleted address to the address the alias is attached to. No auto-responder message would be setup for this option.

Option 2: You can request a reset of the password to the mailbox in question to disable access. We can setup forwarding to forward email from the disabled address to another address. You can then setup an auto-responder to notify senders that the address is no longer an active address. For instructions on how to setup an auto-responder message, click here.

Option 3: You can request the mailbox be removed.  This option would result in anyone sending an email to the address receiving a rejection notice stating that the address is no longer valid.


Note: Removing an email mailbox does not remove email correspondence to or from the removed address that are linked to correspondence within the Redtail CRM.

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