Redtail Email Hosting: What to Expect Post-Migration

Congratulations! You just made the business-friendly decision to migrate your email hosting services to Redtail to centralize your correspondence. You may be wondering what to expect next. Below we will go over a few things to expect after the migration has been completed.

Accessing Email

Redtail's email subscribers can utilize POPIMAP, or MAPI account setups as well as using our webmail client, which is available to all users. If you utilize an external mail client with your previous host, you most likely will be able to utilize the same setup after migrating to Redtail. The migration of your hosting will require you to create new accounts utilizing Redtail's server settings in order to send and receive email.

Redtail's Email Hosting service provides the option to all users to setup your email account how you want in the mail client of your choosing. The available Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) allows you to utilize the benefits of a hosted exchange without maintaining a server or retaining an exchange administrator. The ZCO allows you to access all mail in all subfolders from any computer, via the available webmail client interface, or any mobile device. It also provides the ability to sync contacts and calendar items from Outlook to mobile devices over the air along with sharing capabilities (calendar, address book, mailbox folders).

You can access our detailed library of setup instruction here.

Historical Emails

For email hosting and email archiving subscribers who wish to move historical emails from previous providers to your new Redtail hosted email address, this process is quite simple. Generally you can obtain a .pst backup from your current host or you can create a .pst backup from Outlook. Once you have a .pst file of the historical emails, you can then import them into your Redtail account after establishing it with your mail client. You can find documentation on Importing and Exporting .pst files here.

For email hosting and email archiving subscribers who utilize Redtail CRM and would like the historical emails prior to utilizing Redtail's hosting services linked to your contact records, you will need to provide Redtail with a .pst file to be imported into your domain's archive. You can mail .pst files to Redtail on a DVD, CD, Flash Drive, or other mediums to the address below or contact us for electronic upload options including a secure drop box or FTP. If the .pst files are provided on a flash/thumb drive or an external hard drive, the devices will be returned to you upon completion of the import. Best practice would be to password protect the .pst file. You would provide the password to the .pst file separately by calling or email Redtail Support.

Here's the address to mail those to:

c/o Redtail Email Support
Redtail Technology
3131 Fite Circle
Sacramento, CA 95827

Note: Please ensure that you reference the domain name that we host and the Redtail account holder's name when submitting.

Contacts and Calendar

The Redtail webmail client is currently not directly integrated with the Redtail CRM, meaning contacts and calendar items do not directly sync from the CRM to your webmail client. The only integration between the two offerings is the ability to utilize a seamless sign on to access the webmail client from within the CRM. For more information on the SSO, click here. That being said, there is still a way to sync your CRM calendar and contacts to Outlook then down to mobile devices. For information on this particular setup, please click here.

Email Viewing (CRM Subscribers)

One of the great benefits you'll enjoy as a result of hosting your email with Redtail is the automatic linking of your email correspondence to your contact records within Redtail CRM. Combining Redtail's Email Hosting with the CRM creates a simple interface to view all email activity with a singe click.

There are two viewing permission roles related to users and what emails the user can see. There is a role of Email Admin and then the standard role of Non-Admin.

Email Admin - By default, only the database owner's viewing permissions are set to Email Admin. This role allows for the user to view all email correspondence that is linked to contact records within the CRM.

Non-Admin- By default all other users' viewing permissions are set to Non-Admin, which only allows the users to see the email communications that they are included on. This covers both inbound and outbound.

In order for Redtail to set the email viewing permissions from Non-Admin to Admin for other users in the database, the database owner must contact Redtail Support to place the request and provide a list of users to be set to Email Admin.

Please note that it may take 3-5 business days for the ability to view the Email History within Redtail CRM to be enabled. This requires additional setup steps on the back-end that are performed after the initial setup process has been completed.

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