What is Journaling?

What is Journaling?


                Journaling refers to the ability to record all communications from one location to another. This is generally required by most Broker-Dealers if an outside provider hosts your email. There are two types of journaling:


Non-Envelope Journaling

This type of journaling sends a copy of the email as you would see it in a mail client.


Envelope Journaling 

This type of journaling sends a copy of the email as a .eml attachment. When the user attempts to view the email within the CRM, they see only the header information and an .eml attachment. In order to view the email, the user would need to open the attachment.


Redtail's archiving service works best with Non-Envelope journaling. Please note that not all email hosts/providers will have the ability to utilize the Non-Envelope journaling format. In this case you can still see the body of the email — it just takes an additional click of the mouse to open the .eml file.

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