Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO): Upgrading to Latest Version

When Redtail performs email server upgrades, which includes upgrading to a newer version of our email platform, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, a new version of the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) becomes available to our users. If you already have a version of ZCO installed on your system, you will be asked if you want to upgrade your version of the ZCO to the latest version.  The newest version will contain bug fixes and possibly new features. 

You have the option to select to Upgrade, Skip this Version or Never Upgrade. 

  • Upgrade - This option will upgrade the version of the ZCO currently installed to the latest version. (Suggested option) 
  • Skip this Version - This option will skip this version and prompt you to upgrade when the next future upgrade is performed. 
  • Never Upgrade - This option disables the upgrade prompt when newer versions of the ZCO are available. You can manually check for updates by selecting the Check for Updates option under the Zimbra Tab anytime in the future.



If you opt to Upgrade, the latest version downloads to your computer and the upgrade begins. We walk through these steps below: 

To upgrade to the latest version, you will select the Upgrade button within the the dialog box that appears. Note: if you don't upgrade when this dialog appears but want to at a later time, please see additional instructions at the bottom of this post. 


 After selecting Upgrade, a dialog box will appear to show the download progress. 



Once the download has been completed, a dialog box will appear to advise you that the "Server update downloaded successfully". Within this dialog box, you will select the Exit Outlook & Upgrade button. 



After selecting the Exit Outlook & Upgrade button, The Zimbra Connector Setup Wizard appears. Here you will select Next to proceed with the installation of the newest version of the ZCO. 



The next step is to accept the End-User License Agreement. Simply select the radio button next to I accept the terms in the License Agreement then select Next to proceed to the next step. 



The next step is to confirm the installation of the latest version of the ZCO. Select Next to confirm and proceed to the next step. 



The next window that appears will show the progress of the install. 



After the installation has completed, you will see the dialog below. All you will need to do is select the Close button to close the Setup Wizard and open Outlook. 


As noted above, if you don't upgrade when this prompt arises, you can still do so at a later time. To do so:

  • First, close Microsoft Outlook completely on your computer. To do so, go to Outlook's File menu and click "Exit."
  • Then, download and run the ZCO installation file. For 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office, click here. For 64-bit versions, click here. Note: for Windows 10 users, the 64-bit version of Outlook and the Zimbra Connector are required.



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