Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO): Personas

A Zimbra Persona allows a user to create a separate email identity to manage different types of email. For example, you can create a business persona for your business email and a personal persona for your personal email. By using a persona, you can specify a From address and/or a Reply To address for emails sent using that persona.

You can view, add, edit, and delete your Zimbra Personas from within Outlook when utilizing the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO). The Personas dialog is located within Outlook:

Outlook 2003 & 2007: Select Tools then Options. In the Options dialog, select the Personas tab

Outlook 2010: select the Zimbra ribbon then select Personas

Note: If you previously created personas using the webmail client, the personas also exist in Outlook.

 Your personas are listed in the Account Name/Email Address field. Selecting a persona displays the details of the persona in the Persona Settings area. You can quickly edit your persona details in this area.

In our example below, we have created the persona "Email Support" for the Zimbra profile:



Note, the first persona listed is the DEFAULT persona which cannot be modified except for the name in the From field. This persona uses the email address configured when you setup the ZCO. All outgoing mail sent using this persona appears to be sent from Redtail Email Support <>”.  When the recipient responds to the message, the email will go to Redtail Email Support <>.

Lets walk through the steps for adding a Persona:


1. Within the Personas dialog, click Add. An Add New Persona dialog displays.




2.  Enter the name for the new persona. Click OK.


3. After adding the new persona, it will appear below the default persona within the Personas dialog. You can now Edit the details of the new persona in the Personas Settings area. 

From:  You will enter the name you want displayed when sending as this persona. For our example, the From: field within the header will reflect: Redtail Email Support <>

Reply-to: To enable the Reply-to functionality, check the box next to Set the "Reply-to" field of email messages to:. You will then enter the Reply-to name and the email address within the respective boxes. Replies sent to the emails sent using the persona are automatically directed to the Reply-to address. For our example, the To: field within the header will reflect Redtail Email Support <>

4. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.



To send an email using the newly created persona, simply select the persona from within the account drop-down within the composition window of the message your are creating.




To delete a persona, simply select the persona you want to delete within the Personas dialog and click Delete.

Note: Personas cannot be recovered or restored once your changes are applied. To recover a deleted persona before changes are applied, click Cancel.

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