Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO): Managing Shares

You can view access privileges and Permission Levels for folders from within Outlook when utilizing the ZCO. You have the ability to change existing Permission Levels for existing shares as well as delete access all together. Below we will review how one can manage existing shares:

First you will want to right-click on the folder you have delegated access to and select Properties.

Next, click the Sharing tab to see who has been given permission to access the folder.




To edit the current Permission Level assigned to the user, select the name of the user and select a new level from within the Permissions Level drop-down box. Once the change has been made, select Apply followed by OK.

To remove access, select the name of the user, click Remove and then OK.




The changes made will take effect the next time the grantee syncs with the Zimbra server and the shared folder information is updated. If you deleted access, the folder is removed when the grantee syncs. You can press F9 to manually initiate a sync within your Outlook if you wish. 

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