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Zimbra offers their own desktop email client that you might be interested in if you're a Redtail Email subscriber on our Zimbra mail servers. It is a free cross-platform tool (Windows, Mac and Linux). Zimbra Desktop synchronizes directly to the server and also allows you to add non-Zimbra email accounts. Let's take a look at how you can download and install Zimbra Desktop.

First, go to Zimbra's Downloads page. There, you will see an area for downloading Zimbra Desktop:

Click on the Zimbra Desktop link and then click on the appropriate operating system link to begin your download. You may then see a message like the below - just click Run:

You'll then see a progress bar as the download occurs:

When the download is complete, you'll see the following - click Run:

After initialization, you'll see the Zimbra Desktop Setup Wizard - click Next:

Then, accept the License Agreement terms and click Next:

Accept the default folder or choose another location where you want Zimbra Desktop installed and click Next:

Click Install to begin the installation:

You'll then see a progress bar as the installation process runs:

Click Finish - if you leave "Launch Zimbra Desktop" checked, it will launch after you click Finish:

On your first launch, you will see the following after everything initializes:

You will need to set up your Redtail-hosted email account, so click on the Add New Account button. On the resulting screen, select your Account Type (if you're setting up your Redtail hosted account, you'll want to choose IMAP or POP):

For our example here, I'm setting up my email account in Zimbra Desktop as an IMAP account. Below the screenshot you'll see explanations of what to enter into each field:

ccount Name: this is up to you.
Your Full Name: self explanatory
Email Address: also self explanatory
User Name: your full email address
Password: your email account password
Incoming Server: (Note: if you were setting this up as a POP account, this would be
Security: SSL (when making this selection, the Port number will change to 993, or 995 if a POP account)
SMTP Server:
Security: check off "Use SSL encryption when sending mail." The Port number will change to 465.

For the other areas, you can leave them at their defaults, other than adding your Name and Email Address in the Reply-to section.

After completing, click the Validate and Save button. If successful, you'll see something similar to the below:

Click Launch Desktop to begin working in Zimbra Desktop.

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