How can I setup ActiveSync on a Windows 7 mobile device?

Below you will find the steps needed to configure your Windows 7 mobile device with an ActiveSync mail account:


From the Windows Phone 7 Home screen, swipe left to the programs listing.

Scroll down and select Settings and then scroll down to and tap advanced setup

Enter the the following information within the fields outlined below then select Next:

Email Address: enter your full email address

Password: enter your email password

At the Advanced Setup screen that follows, select Exchange ActiveSync. Enter the following information within the fields outlined below:

Username: enter your full email address

Domain: leave this field blank


Account Name: Enter a descriptive name with which to identify this account

Server Requires encrypted (SSL) connection: Enable by checking the box


After entering the above information, you will then be prompted to configure the following settings:

Download New Content - determines how often the phone downloads new mail

Download Email From - determine the amount of time the email displays on the device

Content to Sync - allows the user to manage what data syncs (email, contacts, calendar, tasks)

After you configure the settings, select Sign In.


The phone will begin syncing. Your sync should finish in 5-10 minutes.

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