iPhone/iPad: Redtail-hosted (MAPI) Email Setup (Syncs Email, Calendar & Contacts - Recommended)

Entering ActiveSync settings on your iOS device will allow you to sync your email, contacts and calendars using your carrier's data plan.


1. If this is replacing an existing Exchange or ActiveSync setup with your previous mail host or another account, performing these steps can delete all of the existing contacts on your iPhone.This is a common problem for iPhone users when creating a new ActiveSync account.  You should ensure that you have backed up all of your contacts prior to proceeding.

2. If you have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) set up for your email account, anywhere below where you are asked to enter your password you would instead enter the application-appropriate passcode.

Set Up

First, tap on the Settings icon on your device:


Then, scroll down and tap Mail:




Next, tap Accounts




Next, tap Add Account




Tap Exchange (may be listed as Microsoft Exchange). This is the option for any ActiveSync-based service:


Now, lets enter some account information for the Exchange ActiveSync account you want to set up:



Email: Enter your full email address here (e.g. paul.cantrell@redtailtechnology.com)

Description: Enter anything you'd like here (e.g. Redtail Email, or Exchange)

Once you have entered your account info, tap Next and then choose "Configure Manually":


Now, you will need to enter in your account password:


Then, you'll need to enter a couple of additional items:




Email: Enter your full email address here (e.g. paul.cantrell@redtailtechnology.com)

Server: Enter mapi.redtailtechnology.com here

Domain: Leave this field blank, if optional

Username: Enter your full email address here, same as the Email field above

Password: Enter your email password here

Description: This can be anything you like (e.g. Redtail Email or Exchange)

Tap Next to continue.


Then, you will choose which type(s) of data you would like to synchronize to the device by sliding the corresponding slider(s) for Mail, Contacts, Calendars and/or Reminders: 




Tap Save to continue.  

You should then begin to see mail folders, contacts, tasks and/or your calendar syncing to your device. 


Important Information:

Note that by default, only 3 days' worth of email is synchronized. If you would like to synchronize more, you can go into Settings, tap Passwords & Accounts, select your Exchange account, and tap on Mail Days to Sync to choose a different number of days. We suggest syncing no more than 1 week. High ranges can result in synchronization issues and larger data usage on your device. 

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