Blackberry: Redtail-hosted Email Setup

You can set up your email account for your BlackBerry either online at your computer or from your smartphone itself.  In either case, you can visit Blackberry's website here for a detailed walkthrough.  From that page, you can:

1.  Select your BlackBerry smartphone or series:

If you choose an option here, you'll then see options for a video tutorial or detailed instructions for setting up your email address on your particular smartphone.  If you choose this option, you'll still need to look at the information below, at least in regards to server information, as that will be required when setting up your email address via your smartphone.

2.  To instead set up your email on your BlackBerry online, select your smartphone carrier:

I'm going to choose Verizon Wireless for demonstration purposes, but the setup should be the same regardless of your carrier.

After clicking on your carrier, you'll see the below:

If you have already established your Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) account, you can enter your User name and Password here and click Log In.  If you haven't done this previously, you will need to click Create New Account and follow on-page instructions for setting up your BIS account.  After you've created your account and logged in, you'll then see a list of the email accounts you currently have set up on your phone (which you can Edit) as well as a Set Up Email button:


It's typically easier (and less cause for issues) to Delete an account and use the Set Up Email button when making changes.  After you've clicked the Delete icon for the account in question and clicked the Set Up Email button, you'll see the following:


Leave "Add an existing email account" checked.  Type in your Email address that you're setting up and the password for that account and click Next:

In the example above, I've added an account for the address  Next, you can click Finish:

Your account will now be set up on your phone.  But, you'll want to make sure that you have the correct server information entered.  Click the Edit icon next to the email address in question:

You'll see your General Settings for the account, where you have several options in terms of Signature, etc.  But click on the Advanced Settings link to check your server information:

If you want the account set up as an IMAP account, you can leave the Email server as it appears here.  The only other thing you would want to be concerned with is the SSL box.  Check off the SSL box and you'll notice when doing so that the Port number changes from 143 to 993, which is what you want here:

You can then click Save and your setup will be complete.

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