How can I set up ActiveSync on my Android-based smartphone?

Entering ActiveSync settings on your Android-based smartphone will allow you to sync your email, contacts and calendars using your carrier's data plan.


Performing these steps can delete all of the existing contacts on your device.This is a common problem for users when creating a new ActiveSync account.  You should ensure that you have backed up all of your contacts prior to proceeding.

Set Up

Note: these instructions may vary slightly from one Android-based device to another.

  • From your phone's Applications menu, tap Settings.
  • Select Accounts from the Settings Menu.
  • From the Accounts menu, select Add Account
  • Select Corporate Sync (could also be referred to as Exchange or ActiveSync) as the account type.
  • Enter the following Information:
    • Email Address: Enter your full email address and your email password.
    • Domain/Username: enter your email address here. Note: Some phones may have Domain and Username as separate fields. If this is the case, leave Domain blank and enter your email address in the username field)
    • Password: enter your email password

    Click Next. Your phone will now attempt to auto-detect the server but will fail. After it fails, it will prompt you for the following information:

    • Exchange Server: enter
    • Use secure connection SSL (if this is optional)
    • Accept all SSL certificates (if this is optional) Note: May not be present on all devices.
  • Tap Next to verify account.
  • Enter a name for your account and the name you want displayed when you send email to others. Select Done to complete the email setup and begin using your account.


If you attempt to add the account and receive a message referencing an invalid ticket, remove the check next to Use secure connection SSL and Accept all SSL certificates and reattempt validating the account.

In order to sync CRM contacts and calendar items, you must utilize the setup outlined here

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