Configuring your MX Record: HostMonster

Login to your >Hostmonster Control Panel.




After you log in to the Control Panel:

Select the Domain Manager tab across the top

Place a check next to the domain you wish to edit located under Please select a domain: in the lower left.

On the Domain Manager tab, you will select the Manage link located next to DNS Zone Editor: in the Domain Section.




When the DNS Zone Editor launches, Locate the MX (Mail Exchanger) Record and select Edit.




You will add the following values to the MX (Mail Exchanger) fields:

Priority: 10

Host Record: @

Points to:

TTL: 14400


After entering the information, select Save to preserve the changes.

Note: If you previous host has more than one MX Record listed, you would need to delete any remaining MX Record other than Redtail's by selecting the Delete option next to it.




You have now successfully pointed your MX record to Redtail.


If you are pointing your MX records to a host other than you will need to change "Email Routing" from "Local" to "Remote"

These changes may take up to 24 hours to apply.

The accuracy of this document can not be guaranteed as Redtail is not affiliated with Hostmonster. Changes by Hostmonster to the control panel interface can change at anytime.

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