Redtail Email Archiving: Post Setup Next Steps

Your submitted request to establish Redtail's Email Archiving service has been processed. To complete the setup of the server, there are two steps you will need to complete. These next steps are listed below:

Step 1: Change the MX record to  (What is an MX Record?)

Note: Make sure all other MX records are removed.

Step 2: Notify your Email Service Provider (ESP) for the email domain you actually use to start standard journaling of your incoming and outgoing email to the newly created archive here at Redtail. You will provide them with the following journaling address:

emailarchive@ the domain you provided to us. Example:


Once you have verified that the journaling from your current host to the Archive has been configured by your host, you will then be able to view archived email within the Email History on your Contact Records within Redtail CRM.


Email History

For information on how to view archived emails within the CRM, click here.

Please make note that the the Email History can take up to 72 hours to be enabled, as this is completed in a separate step after the setup has been completed. It is important to know that there are two viewing permission roles related to CRM users and what emails the user can see. Those roles are outlined below:


Email Admin - By default only the database owner's viewing permissions are set to Email Admin. This role allows for the user to view all email correspondence that is linked to contact records within the CRM.

Non-Admin - By default all other users' viewing permissions are set to Non-Admin, which only allows the users to see the email communications that they are included on. This covers both inbound and outbound.


In order for Redtail to set the email viewing permissions from Non-Admin to Email Admin for users of the database, the database owner must contact Redtail Support to place the request and provide a list of users to be set to Email Admin.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Journaling?

If I remove an email address from the Contact Record, will the emails for that address be removed from the Email History within the CRM?

For more Frequently Asked Questions, visit here.


Helpful Documentation

Email Basics: Archiving

For more Helpful Documentation, visit here


Feel free to reach out to us for answers to any questions that you may have as well as assistance with the migration.


Phone: 800.206.5030, option 3 for Support


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