Verifying MX Record

An MX record is the record on a domain that routes email traffic to the proper servers currently hosting the email services for said domain. If Redtail is providing email hosting service for the domain, the MX record should be:


Below you will find steps that will show you how to verify an MX record for a domain:

 Open your internet browser and navigate to Once the page appears, it will default to the MX Lookup screen.



Within the text box below Domain Name:, enter the domain for which you wish to verify the MX record, followed by hitting Enter or by clicking the MX Lookup button to perform the query. When the Lookup results appear, verify that the the Hostname field reflects Redtai's MX record value.




Additional Information:

When changing web hosts, the MX record can be impacted. To ensure that the MX record is accurately reflected after the changeover, inform the new web host that your email is hosted elsewhere and the MX record should be pointed to the value listed above.

If you fail to timely renew your domain name, the provider generally removes the MX record. You will always want to ensure that your MX record was not impacted if your domain renewal happens to be late.

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