Redtail's Email Hosting Service Overview

One of Redtail's Email Archive and Retention solutions available to you is our Email Hosting Service (See this post for instructions on getting set up with this today). The Email Hosting Service provides financial professionals with a convenient and compliant way to retain, retrieve, and report on email correspondence. Along with the standard benefits of Email Hosting, Redtail's service includes the ability to automatically have your email correspondence dynamically linked to your contact records within your Redtail CRM. Combining Redtail's Email Hosting with the CRM creates a simple interface to view all email activity with a single click.

Redtail's Email Hosting Service Features and Benefits:

CRM Email History Integration:

The creation of synergy between your CRM and your stream or email correspondence with your clients, via the seamless, dynamic linkage of client email correspondence to their CRM Contact Record. 

100% Email Retention

All messages that you receive and send through your mailbox are automatically archived into two separate data stores to provide complete archive redundancy. This includes attachments. An email backup of your email communication can be provided to you upon request at any time. Our retention is specifically built to meet email archiving regulations from SEC Rule 240 (17a-3 and 17a-4).

No Limits

There are no storage limits on mailboxes and no archive restrictions, meaning you can keep all of your correspondence for as long as you like.


Access your email on the go. That is anywhere, anytime.

A feature rich platform to meet your unique needs.

Account Types

Utilize POP, IMAP, or MAPI accounts. Webmail client available as well.

Redtail's Email Hosting service provides the option to all users to setup your email account how you want in the mail client of your choosing. The available Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) allows you to utilize the benefits of a hosted exchange without maintaining a server or retaining an exchange administrator. The ZCO allows you to access all mail in all subfolders from any computer, using the available webmail client interface or any mobile device. It also provides the ability to sync contacts and calendar items from Outlook to mobile devices over the air, along with sharing capabilities (calendar, address book, mailbox folders).


Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is provided at the server level. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption is available within most mail clients. 

If you would like to utilize a third-party email encryption service, such as Proofpoint, smarshEncrypt or Erado SecureMail, we do offer integration with those services. After you've signed up with your chosen encryption service, they will provide you with a relaying address. You would then provide that relaying address to Redtail. At that point, our email techs will configure your account so that all of your outgoing email is relayed through the encryption server.

Affordable Pricing

The cost of the service is only $8 per month per mailbox we host. 

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