Configuring Your MX Record: Network Solutions

Below you will find the instructions to assist you with configuring your MX Record for your domain:

First, you would need to access the DNS Manager within Network Solutions' admin portal.

1. Go to and click on MANAGE ACCOUNT.

2. Enter the User ID and Password for your Network Solutions account.

3. Click on the Edit DNS link under the My Domain Names section.

a. Single Domain Account: Once you click on Edit DNS, the Domain Details will appear. In the Manage section find the row titled Change domain to point to, select the radio button next to Designated DNS and click on Apply Change.

b. Multiple Domain Account: Select the check box next to each domain for which you want to manage the Advanced DNS records. There is a Select All box to select all of your domains at once. Click Continue.

4. Click on the Manage Advanced DNS Records button at the bottom of the page.


Once you have accessed the DNS Manager - Advanced Tools, you follow the steps below to configure your MX Record:

  1. On the DNS Manager Settings page, within the Host Aliases: MX Records section, click Add/Edit
  2. Your current MX Records are listed in editable form, and any Network Solutions service that is associated with the MX record will be listed under the Mail Server text box.
  3. To add/edit MX records:
    • You can Edit or Remove the existing Record
    • You would configure the MX Record in the Mail Server text box to reflect and set the associated priority number in the Priority text box to the default or 10. Note: You will want to remove any other MX records leaving as the only record. Steps to remove the superfluous records can be found below
  4. To delete MX records:
    • To the right of the MX record, select the check box in the Delete column
  5. Review the list of requested changes
  6. Click Continue

Standard time frame for propagation to the internet is 24 hours after the change. You can verify if the MX Record change has propagated by going to and performing a look up on your domain.

Please note that these instructions for configuring your MX Record at Network Solutions were accurate at the time this was posted.  We will make every effort to update this post should something about the procedure change on their end.

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