Redtail Email Setup Process

Outlined below you will find the setup process for migrating your email hosting to Redtail.

Step 1. Complete the Redtail Email Hosting Setup Form. The form can be located at the bottom of this post.

Step 2. Submit the completed setup form via the link contained within it or Click Here to upload the completed form.

(Note: You must first save the form to your computer prior to attempting to upload)

Once Redtail receives the completed setup form, your request will be queued up for processing in the order in which it was received. Standard turnaround time on email setup requests is 3-5 business days (Please note that the turnaround time is subject to change based upon volume).

Once your email setup with Redtail is complete, you will receive an email notification (to the Contact Email Address you provided on your setup form) outlining your next steps, Redtail's server settings and links to our detailed library of setup instructions. Those next steps will be to change the MX Record for your domain to point to Redtail's email servers and to add a SPF string to your domain to help prevent email messages from being marked as spam. These changes will need to be made with your domain name provider. Note: we don't recommend purchasing a domain from Microsoft, as they will not allow you to edit MX records to point anywhere other than Office 365.

Additional Information:

If you need additional information explaining the role of the MX Record, click here.

If you need additional information explaining the role of the SPF String, click here.

If you need additional information about what to expect post migration, click here.

If you would like an overview of the service, click here.


Redtail Email Hosting Setup Form:

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