Using an Email Encryption Service with Redtail-hosted email

If Redtail hosts your email, we do provide Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption at the server level. We can not exercise any control, however, over whether or not the servers on your recipients' end also utilize TLS encryption.

If you would like to utilize a third-party email encryption service, such as Proofpoint, smarshEncrypt or Erado SecureMail, we do offer integration with those services. After you've signed up with your chosen encryption service, they will provide you with a relaying address. You would then provide that relaying address to Redtail. At that point, our email techs will configure your account so that all of your outgoing email is relayed through the encryption server.

The encryption service you sign up with will provide you with instructions on how you actually go about designating which messages should be sent encrypted (typically, this might mean putting "[secure]" in the subject line of emails you want encrypted.

When using such an encryption service, recipients of the emails that you send encrypted will receive an email stating that they have a secure email waiting for them and will usually have to register/sign on to a website (provided by the encryption service) to retrieve.

It is important to note that when sending an encrypted message, your outbound message will be archived here at Redtail, since it originates from our servers. Replies from the recipient of an encrypted message, in most cases however, cannot be archived by our servers, as the encryption services server handles their receipt. The exception to this is if a subscriber uses smarshEncrypt. There is a special setup to allow for secure emails sent via smarshEncrypt to be archived. 

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