Outlook 2010: Suggested Contacts

Outlook 2010 utilizes a new feature known as Suggested Contacts that automatically keeps track of everyone you send a message to, but isn’t a stored contact within your Outlook contacts. When this feature is enabled, it can result in duplication when a user has the Zimbra Connector for Outlook and uses an ActiveSync account on their mobile device to synchronize their contacts. Below you will find the steps to disable this feature and steps to disable the Contact folder from synchronizing.


Disabling the Suggested Contacts Feature:


In Outlook 2010, select the File tab in the upper right-hand corner.




Select Options from within the File tab.




Next select Contacts from the navigation pane to the left to access the Contacts settings.  Locate the Automatically create Outlook contacts for recipients that do not belong to an Outlook Address Book option and remove check from the box next to it. After removing the check, select OK to preserve your changes.

After disabling this feature, just delete all the aggregated contacts within the Suggested Contacts folder. Once you have removed the contacts, the changes will flow to the server and down to your mobile device.

Note: Disabling this feature does not have any impact on the autocomplete functionality of Outlook.



Preventing the Suggested Contacts folder from synchronizing:


If you do not wish to disable this feature, you can follow the steps below to prevent the Suggested Contacts folder from synchronizing with your devices:


Select Contacts within the Navigation Pane, then right-click on the Suggested Contacts folder.



Select Properties from the right-click menu to launch the Properties dialog.



Within the Properties dialog, select the Outlook Address Book tab. On the tab, you will clear the Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book check box and select OK to preserve the change.




The contacts should be removed via the next scheduled sync.

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