Outlook 2003: Redtail-hosted Email Setup

To begin the process of signing up for Redtail E-mail (Archiving and Retention), please contact our Email Support Team at 1-800-206-5030 opt. 3 then opt. 3 or via e-mail at support@redtailtechnology.com. At that point you will be provided with our E-mail Setup Form with instructions for completion and delivery. Upon receipt of your completed E-mail Setup Form, a Support Team member will provide confirmation once your e-mail has been set up on our end.

After you receive this confirmation, if this is a new e-mail setup (meaning we weren’t previously hosting your e-mail for you), you will need to contact the organization currently hosting your e-mail and have them change the MXRecord for you to mail1.redtailtechnology.com. After this change has been made, you are ready to set up your Outlook account.

In your Outlook Toolbar, click Tools and select Email Accounts from the menu.

In the E-mail Accounts dialog under E-mail, select Add a new e-mail account. Click Next. (Note: If you’re editing an existing Outlook 2003 account setup, you can instead check off “View or change existing e-mail accounts.” This will carry you to a dialog where you can select the Email Account you want to edit. On that screen, you’ll click that email address to highlight it and then click the Change button to the right of that address. That will carry you directly to the dialog where you enter your new account settings, which we’ll cover below).

For the Server Type, choose POP3 or IMAP. (If you will only be accessing your e-mail on this machine, we recommend selecting POP3 as your Account Type. If you will be accessing your e-mail on multiple computers/devices, you should select IMAP as your Account Type.) Click Next.

Next, set up your Internet E-mail Settings.

In the User Information boxes, enter your Name and Email Address.

Next, you will need to enter your Incoming and Outgoing mail server addresses in the Server Information section. These are as follows:

Incoming Email:
IMAP Server: imap.redtailtechnology.com
POP Server: pop.redtailtechnology.com

Outgoing Email:
SMTP Server: smtp.redtailtechnology.com

Last, in the Logon Information section type in your User Name (which will be your full e-mail address) and Password (which will be set to whatever you provided on your E-mail Setup Form.) Place a check in the Remember password box but do not check off the box to Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).

After completing these fields, click on the More Settings button. Name your Mail Account in the box provided.

You can then click on the Outgoing Server tab, where you'll want to check off the first two boxes.

You can then click on the Advanced Tab to set up your Port settings.

Incoming server:
IMAP Ports: 993 (SSL)
POP Ports: 995 (SSL)

Outgoing Server:
SMTP Ports: 465 (SSL)

Click Next and Finish.

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