Imaging File Management: Upload to a Folder

To upload directly to a folder in your Client, Corporate or Unfiled Library, right click on the Folder Name and then click “Upload To This Folder”:

You will then see a view of your local computer from which you can browse for and move files for upload. This will look something like the image below, but the actual files and folders on display will correspond to your local machine:


Upload Files Display Window

Note that this window is divided into three panes.

1. Left Pane – This pane is an overview of the file structure on your computer. The top level of files and folders of whatever you click on here will appear in the top right pane.

2. Top Right Pane – The files and folders displayed here are controlled by your selection in the Left pane.

3. Bottom Right Pane (Upload Queue)– This is where you drag and drop or “Add” files for Upload.  Note: the maximum upload size for a file is around 22-25 MB, dependent upon your upload speed.

Move Tools

There are a number of buttons above and beneath the Top Right Pane which allow you to move files into the Upload Queue:

1. Select All highlights all files and folders in your Top Right Pane. This is useful if you want to move all files in a folder into your Upload Queue at one time. Bear in mind, however, that you cannot move folders into your queue as only files can be uploaded.

2. Deselect All removes highlighting from all files and folders in your Top Right Pane if you’ve selected some or all of them.

3. Send begins the Upload process for your files once you’ve moved all files you want to upload into the Bottom Right Pane.

4. Paste creates an image file from any open image you currently have on your computer’s clipboard and places it in your Upload Queue.

5. Add moves any files you have selected from the Top Right Pane into your Upload Queue.

6. Add All moves all files from the Top Right Pane into your Upload Queue.

7. Remove takes selected files out of your Upload Queue.

8. Remove All takes all files out of your Upload Queue.

Drag and Drop

If you prefer to drag and drop files into your Upload Queue rather than using the Move Tool buttons, you can highlight them in the Top Right Pane and move them by dragging and dropping them into the Queue.

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