Imaging File Management: Scanning to a Folder

To scan a new image directly into a Client, Corporate or Unfiled Folder, right click on the Folder Name and click Scan To This Folder:

Step 1 – Get the scan

Step 1 is where you scan the image from your scanner into your Imaging accounta. This is accomplished by clicking the Acquire button:

Note that there are several scanning options beneath the Acquire button that may or may not apply to you:

1. ADF – If you are scanning a multi-page document using a scanner with ADF (Automatic Document Feeding), you should check off this option prior to clicking Acquire.

2. Duplex – If you are scanning the front and back sides of a document using a scanner that supports Duplex scanning, you should check off this option prior to clicking

3. Advanced UI – If you would like to open up the Advanced User Interface for your Scanner when acquiring the document, you should check off this option prior to clicking Acquire. Outside of needing one of these options, you should generally be able to acquire your document simply by clicking the Acquirebutton.

Step 2 – Options

Step 2 provides you with some options after you have acquired your scan:

1. Edit opens up your image in a new window where you can perform some standard editing tasks such as rotating or resizing your document.

2. Prev(ious) and Next allow you to move between pages if your document is multiple pages.

3. Del(ete) deletes your Scan – it will not be saved in your Imaging account.

Step 3 – Name & Save

Step 3 is where you name and save your scanned image:

Simply type the name in the Document Name field and then click Save Image. Note that you also have the option to save your scan as a PDF document if you check off that option. Your page will refresh on the Scan New Image page so that you can continue scanning if you have additional documents to add. The next time you visit the Library and Folder where you scanned to, your new scanned document(s) will appear there, bearing the Document Name you provided here.

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