Moving folders in Imaging to another Imaging location

Moving folders and all of their associated subfolders and files to a different location within one of your Imaging Libraries is an easy process, but it does require that you download and install Retriever for Imaging.  

Once you have Retriever for Imaging on your computer, you can log into it and browse your Imaging Libraries to locate the folder you would like to move to a new location.

As an example, let's say that we've uploaded a folder, subfolder and associated files for a contact named Albert Einstein.  But, we then realize we uploaded this or scanned it to our Imaging account's Corporate Library, rather than placing it inside the E folder in our Client Library.  What's the quickest way to move all of this, keeping the folder structures intact?

First, we'll open up Retriever for Imaging and go to the Corporate Library:




To move the folder and everything within it, we'll first need to save it to our local computer.  To do so, we'll right click the folder and select "Save":



We'll then receive a dialog allowing us to browse to the location on our machine where we want to save:



I've created a folder called "Imaging" within the My Documents folder on my machine, which is where I save downloads from Retriever for Imaging.  You can, of course, save your download wherever you like on your machine — just make sure you note the location so that you can get to it when you're ready to upload it to your desired location within Imaging.  After you click OK in this dialog, you'll see a popup indicating your progress (it will disappear when the download is complete):




Once your download is complete, you're ready to upload it within Retriever to your desired location.  First, within Retriever, in your top pane navigate to the level that you want the top level folder of your download to reside.  In our case, we want the folder called "Einstein, Albert" to reside at the top level within the "E" folder in our Client Library:




We want the folder "Einstein, Albert" to show up between the folders for Eckersley and Elbertson, as folders are displayed in alphabetical order.  Our next step will be to open up Windows Explorer, browse to the location where we downloaded our Einstein folder and manipulate our onscreen windows so that we can see both Windows Explorer and our Retriever application:




Next, you'll click and hold the Einstein folder in Windows Explorer and drag it to the top pane in Retriever (where all of the other contact folders are displayed) and then release once you see the plus icon underneath your cursor.  You'll then see any file names within your folder show up in the Upload Queue (bottom pane of Retriever):




Once everything has successfully uploaded, the green up arrow changes to a green checkmark — also note that we now have a folder here for "Einstein, Albert":




You can learn more about Uploading Basics in this post (just scroll to the section headed "Uploading Basics.")

That's all there is to moving a folder, along with its subfolders and associated files to a new location within Imaging.  If you want to remove it from its previous location, you can just navigate to that location within Retriever, right click the Einstein folder and select Delete:




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